The Arab Startup Summit

Date: 21-22nd May 2017

Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Summit

Event Overview

At a time of great reshaping, optimism and hope in the Arab World, entrepreneurs, especially the youth, have found new avenues in leading innovation. Large-scale transformations in some countries, combined with social dynamism particularly among the youth, have clearly put the employment challenge on the top of the regional agenda, with entrepreneurship being a key imperative.

With nations already trying to diversify and evolve their economies, the Arab youth have caught on to the need of the hour and have begun driving efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Undoubtedly powering the bulk of the Arab economies in the post 2020 world would be their youth. With projections of 82 percent of the population slated to be below 40 by 2020, the role that entrepreneurs would have to play in this young and vibrant workforce should be examined now more than ever. While many Government interventions on the regulatory front are on and are thought to have benefited individual participants they have not had a tangible impact on the circumstances of the region’s youth overall.

On the cusp of this socio-economic transformation, MICE Quotient presents The Arab Start-up Summit

The Summit will host speakers from across the region, and attract over 100 professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, Government authorities and budding Entrepreneurs to connect and network under one roof. The Summit will have a specific and deep focus on the rise of innovation, tech driven entrepreneurial ventures and the challenges and lessons learned from entrepreneurial Arab achievers. The Summit would also revolve around discussions on making the economic and social climate, in the GCC region more conducive to Entrepreneurship.

Who Will You Meet?

  • Senior and Young Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Thought Leaders in Innovation.
  • SME Professionals
  • Successful Developers of the top innovations from the region
  • Human Resource Professionals.
  • Government Entrepreneurship Initiative Leaders.
  • Managers: Training and Development.
  • Section Heads, Executives and Assistants.
  • Office Managers and Administrators.
  • Research and Development Managers.
  • Business Development Officers.
  • Leadership Management Professionals.
  • Academia and Researchers.
  • And many more….

Abdullah Abonamah

Chief Executive Officer

UAE Academy


Habib Haddad

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Wamda (Invited)


Hussain Al Nowais


Al Nowais Investments & Waha Capital


Mohammad Allam




Yousef Tuqan Tuqan



Why Sponsor?

  • Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility for your organization in the Young Vibrant Entrepreneurial Community in The Region
  • Exploit Highly Targeted Marketing and Brandingthrough 15 weeks of offline, online, social media and press channels throughout the Arab Region.
  • Superlative Media Exposure through 30+ media partners, online adverts, social media and regular press releases in all major press outlets
  • Brand Awareness & Recognition through web flyers, brochures, websites, email marketing campaigns, tickets, signage branding your organization as a sponsor throughout the Arab Region.
  • Leveraged Lead Generation for entities providing funding for the most promising business ideas, innovations from the region.
  • Showcase Innovative Products Services and Business Ideas through unique exhibition opportunities

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Why Attend?

Takeaways for Budding Entrepreneurs:

The Summit aims to bring exceptional young leaders and entrepreneurs from the Arab World and be inspired by their success stories. It aspires to develop leadership and management skills, to augment entrepreneurial efforts, stimulate innovation and business ideas, and discuss areas of mutual interest that will help entrepreneurs and their companies become more successful in their chosen path towards effective entrepreneurship. An underlying idea is also to open doors to VCs investors and funding opportunities. The Summit also provides exhibition opportunities for developers of innovative products services and business ideas to enable showcasing them before the investors and venture capitalists attending the Summit.

Takeaways for Funding Entities:

The Summit offers superlative networking opportunities with top ideas and innovations. With audience and presenters mix consisting of both; proven ventures on the cusp of breaking big and ventures/ideas seeking funding, the Summit offers investment opportunities for a variety of investment appetites, across industries, under one roof.

Takeaways for Working Professionals

A lack of a sense of ownership towards one’s own work is what majority of project leaders and managers face while leading teams. The Summit aims at imbibing a culture of ownership of work for working professionals. Working professionals attending the Summit can benefit immensely from the themes revolving around finance, marketing, legal and project management, that will be discussed in depth. The Summit will arm Project Leaders, Managers and Departmental Heads with necessary knowledge to seamlessly run their organizational units as a “organization within a organization”.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates