Companies and sales folks tend to choose meeting locations based upon their core business values and relative expensiveness. Furthermore it is not only the logistics that is a concern but also the agenda is followed that decides if a meeting is an outcome based meeting or not. Through our experience in setting up both internal and external meetings for organizations, we have come to believe that the three pillars for a successful, outcome based meetings are the right people, the right agenda and a right place.


Our network of associates, patrons and industry experts give us an edge in reaching people relevant to your business objectives. Through our meetings we help organizations reach the outcomes they intended to reach through internal company meets like board meetings to setting up meetings with decision makers and prospects which could open doors for you.

Though the Incentives part of MICE is the odd one out it is largely being recognized as an integral part for business to keep their employee and partner morale, motivation high. Investing in incentive programs is over the years diversifying from monetary gifts to golf days and team outings and vacations. In today’s business world it is usually provided to employees or  dealers/distributors as a reward and as trends show, are largely becoming leisure based.  M.I.C.E Quotient has the right mix of expertise and experience in planning and implementing these incentive programs for you.


Our wide network of partners worldwide help us optimize your investment on these programs. Our partners range from caterers, world class Golf Courses, entertainers, motivational trainers and speakers and everything in between. An experience in organizing and implementing these programs has given us the ability to grasp the objective you would want to achieve through these programs and plan the incentive program in its entirety revolving around this objective.

We at MICE Quotient recognize the industry demand for high quality technical conferences and summits. We design focused events with high growth potential, which help meet the needs of industry contacts, sponsors and exhibitors. As a conferencing company we understand that delivering high quality conferences are essential, and we believe in executing them flawlessly.


Once we have researched the Industry and the critical challenges and success stories, Industry experts design a program which is content driven, information rich this helps in providing unlimited opportunities for individual learning and also to facilitate commercial deal making with the right balance of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Exhibitions have a proven track record since they give you the opportunity to reach out to your target audience face-to-face. They provide you an opportunity to accelerate the selling cycle by matching needs with a company’s ability to fill those needs. Since adults are visual learners it works very well with them. Exhibiting is a like a portable company with a visual medium – the exhibit, products, the graphics, collateral materials and promotional products are visual elements.


Buyers are also experiential. Trade shows are extremely effective to bring new products to developing markets.MICE Quotient has a professional team to design the exhibition according to your own requirement as well as the requirement of the show.

Why Choose Us?

Team of young energetic and passionate individuals.
More than 37 Man years of experience empowering and enabling businesses globally.
Successfully organized and implemented high level business events in 12 countries across three continents.
Specializes in Meetings, Interactions, Conferences, Exhibitions.


About US

At M.I.C.E Quotient we firmly believe in the adage we all make choices, but in the end our choices make us and this is why we are committed to aid our business partners in making the right choices by arming them with the right tools and acumen to succeed.


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