At MQ we not only value talent and our employees, but strongly believe that they are the reason for our success. Having a collective experience of over Thirty Seven man years in the industry we understand the ownership that needs to be taken by each team member in each role to make an event a success. Hence our work culture finds its firm roots in accountability, ownership and integrity.

We do not believe in a rigid work culture and do realise our people come from diverse backgrounds and with varied aptitudes. Hence we encourage our people to not follow “one right way” but to apply themselves in order to find better ways to go about their tasks.  This not only brings different perspectives to the table but also helps our team members hone their skills in the process.

We look at our offices as studios where ideas are conceptualized, nurtured and seen through to be borne in reality.  Our team members working in cross functional teams constantly interface, debate, brainstorm over ideas they come up and more often than not end up together coming up with something new which has and has been adding value to our projects.

At MQ the growth of our team members, both personal and professional, goes hand in hand with organizational growth.  We strictly follow the adage of “leave no man behind”.

Our values and culture are based on an entrepreneurial edge, leading edge research, and a passion for excellence. Fun is another inseparable part of life at MQ. We are of the firm opinion that one should enjoy what one does, be it, in or out of office. We have several team engagement programs to foster a friendly, fun and consequently productive atmosphere and sometimes we do have impromptu fun undertakings and pursuits which are unanimously decided to beat the occasional Monday Blues! A much coveted and sought after title of “Chief Fun Officer “ is rolled on a monthly basis amongst our team members which is one of things behind livening things up at work.

If you are looking for a place which welcomes ideas, thrives on passionate entrepreneurial drive, has youthful exuberance to drive personal and organizational growth we welcome you to pay us a visit for a fun day to find out, for yourself as, where you fit into our team. A copy of your C.V and a cover letter would certainly help us know more about you in order to welcome you to M.I.C.E Quotient!


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About US

At M.I.C.E Quotient we firmly believe in the adage we all make choices, but in the end our choices make us and this is why we are committed to aid our business partners in making the right choices by arming them with the right tools and acumen to succeed.


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